I would be very appreciative & grateful if you could give this page some BIG LOVE. Give it a like, on facebook and Insta, sign up for the great newsletters, check out this fab website and tell anyone who you think might be interested. Share, share, share. As some of you know I will be joining One Love Yoga Tribe for their retreat in Hawaii later in the year and be offering treatments and more. This is my dream come true. You never know a Yoga Retreat with amazing treatments, superb healthy food, meditation, relaxation in a beautiful setting and so much more might be your dream come true to. There are more retreats planned for all over the world so please sign up for the newsletter so you know what’s happening.

I met Denise whilst we were both staying at Casa Zen in Costa Rica and experienced first-hand what she is now sharing to the public with One Love Yoga Tribe Retreats. An exceptional journey of self-discovery that with the right blend of open heartedness and willingness to grow, the perfect environment, exercise, food, self-care and fun even for one week can have the most amazing impact on your body, mind, soul, growth and happiness of your life.

Thank you all for your continued love and support in everything I do.