Distance Reiki and IET

Distance Reiki and IET ( Healing energy with Angels) treatments are becoming more and more popular. I am receiving lots of enquiries and bookings from clients, especially due to the circumstances we find ourselves in during lockdown and now the slow restart of enterprises. The benefits of receiving a beautiful energy healing treatment, whilst you relax in the comfort of your own home are vast. You can arrange a treatment at a time that suits you and enjoy in total peace and joy. Deep relaxation ensues during the treatments. Benefits are vast for you on all levels – physical,  emotional, mental and spiritual. Booking is simple, a suitable time and date arranged along with some simple suggestions for you to maximise the treatment benefits. An audio file will be sent to you afterwards and questions answered. Distance healing is one of my own personal ways to receive an energy treatment. We all need some support for our continued growth and expansion. This is just the ticket.