Online IET Group Healing

Online IET® Group Healing – Energy Healing with Angels

For the longest time, rituals and group gathering have been an important part of human life. These special events between people were well known to aid the healing process in all cultures. That is why in group healing, all the participants collectively empower one another. We are all the same really, the same fears, the same insecurities and the same desires. However, we all heal and grow in our own unique and beautiful way. 

During our online group IET® healing sessions, first we create a group field made of the beautiful souls present, which is then connected to World Angel Grid.  We harness the love and light and let it flow between us.  After our small mediation helping us to relax and open our hearts the IET®   healing begins.  We work with nine beautiful Healing Angels from the IET®      Healing Energy Field.

This is a wonderful opportunity for people who are interested or already love energy healing therapies and want to enjoy and feel the benefits of a group healing. There are no prerequisites, just a desire to feel great. The theme for these healings is for inner confidence and inner peace.  However, any personal intention can be used that serves you at that particular time. There benefits are numerous, a deep sense of relaxation is guaranteed and what an amazing way to finish your week with the healing at 8pm Sundays.  Love and Light, Carla.

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Group Healing – Energy Healing with Angels.