The brilliance of the combination of Life Coaching and Energy Healing Treatments

I am just as passionate about Life Coaching as I am about the treatments I offer and teach. I regularly receive Integrated Energy Therapy® (Energy Healing with Angels) treatments and also Life Coaching sessions.  IET® benefits me in maintaining my good energy and clearing blocks that I may come across and the Life Coaching I call housekeeping for my head. Regular treatments of both ensure my good health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

For many of my clients and me it is an amazing combination.  Energy Healing – IET® for the heart and Life coaching for helping us to move forwards securely in our life with the knowledge of what is right for us.   If something happens that can shake me then I and my client’s utilise the benefits of these treatments and the brilliant ability they have to support us through anything.  I might book in for extra sessions of both, whilst I navigate a challenging chapter of my life.  Challenges are growth for us.  I am and will always be eternally passionate about my growth and self-development.

If we have a goal that we long to achieve then again the combination of both Life Coaching and Energy Healing (IET®) is perfect.  Over the last few years now I have seen clients change their lives in unbelievable ways that they didn’t even think possible.  I have seen them get new jobs, houses, achieve weight goals, new romantic partners and so much more. Everything is possible.  Research has shown that when you decide you want a goal there is a 25% chance you will achieve it.  In comparison when you receive Life Coaching around that particular goal research shows there is a 95% chance of you achieving it. Combined with Energy Healing – IET® (which clears energy blocks that limit our health, life purpose, prosperity, sexuality and creativity) 100% achievement and more is yours for the taking.