Top 10 Essential Oils to Help with Anxiety

Can Aromatherapy and Essential Oils help with anxiety? Yes!  There are a vast amount of essential oils and aromatherapy blends that can help people on a daily basis or just for occasional use. 

Add a few drops of an essential oil to a tissue to carry with you, use an oil burner, add a few drops to your bath water, a pillow or make a blend using a base oil to apply as a body oil or for a perfume add to temples, neck and wrists. 

The aromas smell amazing, they can dissipate anxiety and encourage inner calm, relaxation and positivity.

Essential oils for Anxiety

Below are some of my favourites. If you would like to learn more about Aromatherapy and its benefits for you and your family and friends. Check out my Introduction to Aromatherapy half day workshop.  It’s comprehensive, fun learning and a brilliant way to empower yourself.

Love and Light, Carla xx

  1. Neroli Oil –  Beautiful Neroli is superb for stress related conditions, especially insomnia and anxiety and eases palpitations due to its calming effects. 
  2. Ylang Ylang Oil  – Helps with feelings of shock,anger and anxiety. Excellent for rapid breathing or palpitations. Can reduce your blood pressure and is brilliant for boosting your emotional wellbeing. It is quite a heady aroma for some people. 
  3. Bergamot Oil – Bergamot is calming and uplifting. It is wonderful for situations that  you need to be relaxed and alert for. 
  4. Lavender Oil – Lavender is the mother of essential oils. This superb aroma can help ease anxiety and stress, so much so that researchers at some British hospitals used it on patients in Intensive Care Units. 
  5. Vetivert Oil – Vetivert essential oil is also known as the ‘oil of tranquillity’ It can alleviate emotional stress, anxiety, depression and panic attacks.It has a strong aroma and I sometimes call it the marmite of oils you either love it or hate it. 
  6. Rose Oil – Inhaling the beautiful scent of Rose oil promotes calmness and can reduce stress and anxiety that you are experiencing.It is very helpful for those who are grieving or depressed.
  7. Jasmine Oil  – This opulent essential oil has been used for thousands of years to reduce anxiety and increase confidence and mood. 
  8. Frankincense Oil – Frankincense can lift your mood and is brilliant for encouraging deeper breathing. It boosts the oxygen supply to your brain stimulating the limbic area, helping to bring your emotions back to balance. Relaxing mind and body.
  9. Chamomile Oil – has long been known for its relaxing and calming therapeutic properties for body and mind. It can relieve stress, anxiety and helps to promote sleep. 
  10. Geranium Oil – With its sweet scent this uplifting essential oil can replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Geranium also has a brilliant track record for balancing hormone issues.