Yoga Retreat in Hawaii

Come join us for a Refresh & Rebirth Yoga Retreat in Hawaii, a transformative eight days of rejuvenation and growth. Taking you to the beautiful and healing Island of Hawaii for bonding, yoga awesome healthy food adventures and relaxation. We will be staying at WhaleSpirit Sanctuary for a breath-taking eight days.

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Rebirth, Refresh & Yoga Retreat in Hawaii


A retreat is a wonderful opportunity to step back from our daily lives. To find a moment of rest to bring your heart, mind and body into balance. The body achieves what the mind believes.

Our international retreats are a wonderful self investment whether you want to start or improve your yoga, detox, follow a wellness programme of healthy food for mind, body and soul including: aromatherapy, sound healing, life coaching, meditation, Indian head massage, massage, reflexology and much more.

Or simply to find a sanctuary where you can rest and recharge. A retreat can offer that moment of reflection to get in touch with yourself and simply find inner peace and self discovery. A retreat welcomes all who have a variety of wellness needs whether that is spiritual, emotional or fitness focused.

Refresh & Rebirth Yoga Retreat in Hawaii

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At this Yoga Retreat in Hawaii you will have the opportunity for…

Reconnecting with your soul and the simplicity of life. Bonding with fellow soul adventurers. Stepping outside of your comfort zone in a safe space with others. Rediscovering your sense of self and starting to rebuild a better version of you. Deepening your yoga practice and sense of self love. Transforming your body and mind in a sacred space with all of your basic needs met. Coming back into alignment of your body, mind and spirit. Leaving refreshed and renewed.


Yoga Retreat in Hawaii


Rebirth and Refresh with Pele, Yoga Retreat in Hawaii

Join our healing retreat for 8 days and 7 nights of renewal and growth. We will have Pele the Goddess of Fire as our hostess on the beautiful island of Hawaii situated directly on a vortex. Pele has been known to change lives by breaking things down that don’t serve and then rebuilding from the ashes just as the volcanos do. It has been said that she works on aligning the root and sacral chakras, recreating a fresh foundation for you to grow on.

Come with an open heart for change and allow her to do her transformation for you! She has changed my life in this same way and I can’t wait to share my life changing experience with all of you and support you as you walk your own path to transformation.

Come join us as a couple or if you are traveling alone, don’t worry, we have got your back! Our tribe will be immersed in Yoga, Wellness treatments, Rebirthing breath work, 3 catered meals per day, Adventures on this sacred and beautiful island, time off to relax (after all you are on vacation!) and infinite time to form new and lasting magical relationships with your fellow soul tribe.

Wellness services offered will be Reiki, Sound Healing, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and Integrated Energy Therapy. Come join us for an experience that gives you the opportunity to reawaken and reinvent your life moving forward… and find your bliss!

What’s included – 8 days and 7 nights accommodation at Whalespirit. Morning Guided Meditation. Daily inspirational yoga classes to deepen your practice (select days have 2 options). Optional workshops. 3 Rebirthing Breath Work sessions. 2 Sound Healing Sessions. 3 catered Vegan or Vegetarian meals each day. Afternoon Hike to Two Step at Captain Cook Monument (snorkelling is optional). 1 Wellness service of your choice. A WhatsApp group to stay connected with your new soul tribe.

What’s not included – Airfare to and from Hawaii. Travel insurance. Transportation. Extra wellness services offered (see list above). Alcohol.

Optional Adventures on your own may include – Hikes other than those scheduled.  Bicycle rides. Beach tours. Horseback riding in Waimea. Night Dive or Snorkel. Coffee Tours. Scenic Drives. Botanical Gardens. Scuba diving.

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