Introduction to the Power of Crystals


Sunday 21 March 2021




Many people are drawn to crystals, but they don't know why. Crystals have a wonderful natural energy of their own. They are easy and fun to work with for self healing and self development. The more you fall in love with crystals the more you fall in love with their magic and their beauty.


There are no prerequisites for this course. This course is for people who love Crystals and / or are interested in new ways of healing and are drawn to crystals and would like to learn more.


Our half day,Introduction to Healing with Crystals Workshop is an ideal introduction to the powerful world of Crystals. Whether you have never bought a crystal before or you have a room full of them, this workshop will give you knowledge and take you to a different level regarding crystals and their power of healing. Our workshop is a fact based course with discussions including, how crystals work, what crystals can do, how to choose and look after them and how to harness and work with their power of healing.

Course Content:
- What is a crystal.
- History of crystals.
- What can they do for me
- How do crystals work
- How to choose with intuition or intention
- Working with intentions and crystals
- How to clean with a positive mantra
- Description of ten healing crystals

Class Length

3 hours

Class Materials

All materials provided. Including a PDF manual - Beginners Guide for healing with crystals and their power, packed with information, help and great tips. Ten crystals each in their own pretty little bag and a crystal cleanser made by mother nature herself. For the online course, a starter pack is sent to you with ten crystals and the mother nature cleanser.


Tea, coffee, water and snacks will be provided.



Deposit of €50 please to secure your place