Vision Board with IET ® Healing Angels


Sunday 17 January 2021

Vision Board



An energetic vision board is about feeling and finding your soul’s vibrations and aligning with your desires. It feels joyful, easy and fun


There are no prerequisites for this course. This course is for people with an open mind and heart, that love manifesting, focusing on their desires and love Angelic healing energy


Our half-day Vision Board with IET® Healing Angles workshop is a life-changing experience. This is not just a cutting words and pictures from a magazine class. We will create backgrounds that speak to your soul and clearly divine your wildest wishes and dreams. Step by step, section by section we will create our vision boards, manifesting goals with angelic help. We provide an energetic road map of the types of people, places, settings and situations and things that we want our Angels to work behind the scenes for us to connect to. We will also open our energy channels to allow us to receive them openheartedly when they show up in our lives.

Course Content:
- Clearing our past vibrations that no longer serving us
- Empowering IET® energy healing meditation
- Creating a hearlink with our Angels
- Relighting our passions and stepping into our power
- How to make an energetic vison board
- Questions to ask yourself for clearly defining your hearts desires
- Aligning IET® healing meditation to open our hearts to receive love and guidance
- What to do after your vision board is complete to bring your goals to fruition
- How to create an aroma memory for your successful vision board

Class Length

4 hours

Class Materials

You will receive a PDF manual full of help and tips on creating energetic vision board with Angelic love and guidance. Also as a gift of an empowering goody bag, including a crystal power bracelet, IET angel blessing card, and, a 10ml bottle of pure essential oil (normally orange). For the online course, the empowering good bag will be sent out to you


Tea, coffee, water and snacks will be provided



Deposit of €50 please to secure your place